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Eastern Oregon Correctional Institute (EOCI)


PENDLETON, OR: Eastern Oregon Correctional Institute (EOCI)
ADDRESS: 2500 Westgate
Pendleton, Oregon 97801
CONTACT INFO: 541-276-0700
GPS: 45.673229,-118.818009

Background & History

Eastern Oregon Correctional Institute (EOCI) was built between 1912 and 1913 as a state mental hospital, and helped inspire the novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. In 1983 it was turned into a medium security prison and remains so to this day. Inmate labor is used to produce the Prison Blues line of clothing, which is marketed across the USA and internationally.

What Makes It Strange?

It is said that guards working here sometimes hear cries for help, but nothing is found upon investigation. Others tell of strange noises, and inmates have related stories about the ghosts of strangers walking into locked cells.

Planning Your Visit

We suppose the best way would be to visit an inmate here, considering that Plan B would be to rob a liquor store or something...

Our Visit(s)

June 3, 2007:

This was just a quick stop on our road trip to Idaho. Basically all we did was snap a few photos of the place from different vantage points.

Additional Information


Strange USA: Eastern Oregon Correctional institute: A brief description of the hauntings. Check out the comments left by (alleged) former patients, inmates, and staff.

Haunted Hovel: Spring creek clackamas oregon: One person's experiences at EOCI, and stories they have heard from inmates.

How to get there:

The prison bus will take you there... otherwise, from I-84, take Exit 207 onto Westgate. The prison is a mile or so up the road, on your left.

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We are going state-by-state in alphabetical order, creating pages for places we have visited, improving pages that have already been created, and improving our EVP files using Sony Spectralayers, which should make them much less painful to listen to.

Using these pages:

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Some photos are grainy and blocky. In many cases, this is because we lost our original photos in a hard drive crash, but were able to recover some of them from social networking sites where we had posted them.

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These files are grouped into four categories:

EVP: A voice recorded but not heard.
Inaudible Noise: Similar to EVP, these are sounds recorded but not heard, as opposed to voices.
Audible Voice: An anomalous voice heard by us.
Audible Noise: An anomalous noise heard by us.
Raudive: A voice or noise recorded by our Raudive Receiver, which is much like a crystal radio set that cannot be tuned to any radio frequency.
Talker-ITC: A word spoken by our Talker-ITC, which is much like an Ovilus on phonetic mode (no built-in word database).


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